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There are two things in order to make a sale and to maintain it.  The first is to the liquor stores it becomes a matter of profitability.  What is the return on my investments?  For the Farm D distillery the return that we offer to the liquor stores is a similar return as wine 66%.  The next is how can we convince them to buy into the story.  I went to a bar the other day and my bottle of rum was there for over 5 months.  I had to educate the clerk and the bartender.  Use it in rum and cola or rum and OJ.  There is no reason for the bottles to be there that long.
So what is the Front Line?
                 It is that person that does the last interaction with the consumer.  It may be the waiter, the Bartender or the Clerk at the liquor Store.  How can we educate them on the story?  How can we educate them and have them buy into the concept?  How can we make it a Win/Win interaction with them?  There is no one answer to every situation.  Get to know the Clerk,  see how you can help them with their own obstacles and repeat, repeat and repeat the actions over and over again. The more that they see that you are loyal to them , the more they are willing to order. 

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